Coaching Services

RUN COACHING SERVICES: Thinking about running a marathon, Rim to Rim,a 5K or just curious about how to get started on your own running journey? To learn more about hiring Melissa Gacek for run coaching, schedule a discovery call.

Melissa offers: 

  • Run coaching, monthly
  • Special event/goal training plans
  • Speaking engagement for groups
  • Retreat classes/Pop-up events/Run leader for retreats

Epic Running Adventures

Running Designs LLC offers guided running adventure trips to some of the world’s most beautiful, majestic locations in the world, starting right here in our own majestic Grand Canyon. Join running coach and avid masters runner Melissa Gacek as she leads you on a tour where you will find a change of pace + a change of place = a new perspective.

See photos of the November trip!

2022 Grand Canyon Trip dates launching Nov. 25, 2021.

What My Clients Say

“Melissa and I partnered at a recent Wellness Retreat to teach a core and glute routine. She was fun and engaging and wise with her insights! I can’t wait to go on an epic running adventure trip with her!”

“I had the honor of doing the first Running Adventure Trip with Melissa to the Grand Canyon. This was honestly the best day of my life, an adventure I will cherish and never forget. Melissa is a rare gem and so fun to travel with. She’s a natural leader and coach. I encourage everyone to travel on one of her trips, she thinks of every detail and leads with so much joy and enthusiasm.”

“I’ve known Melissa for maybe 20 years and she is a delight, a joy, and a natural coach. I say jump, she says how high? She delivers exceptional advice and insights as well as being a top performer her entire running career. To travel with Melissa will be amazing.”